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Maps help learners understand the world and think like global citizens. Taking part in mapping activities and events, participants aquire or reinforce basic knowledge and elementary skills in geography, neo-cartography, and information technology. Recurring participation may enhance initial interest and knowledge that could lead toward a broader career development.

The MapAmore Initiative

The MapAmđź’śre Initiative is a social advocacy promoting civic engagement , resilience, and volunteerism through innovative use of Free and Open software, especially spatial data, for equitable peace, sustainable development, humanitarian action, and social change. We facilitate opportunities for tangible action and participate in ongoing community service projects and service learning engagements.

Our various outreach themes are intended to be learning and engagement opportunities to jumpstart work with MapAmđź’śre collaborators, and affiliates on promoting awareness, planning events and media outreach to strengthen community preparedness at the municipal and village level.

Local MapAmđź’śre affiliates and partners may contact local representatives from the organizations below to learn how the community can benefit from involvement, reach out to citizens about participation, and involve the local media in distributing information on these events. These events will help raise awareness for local MapAmđź’śre activities and ultimately increase community preparedness, training and volunteer participation.

Crazy about LoCos

We are crazy about Local Communities (LoCo). At the heart of every mapping project are contributors - who normally prioritize mapping their own neighborhoods and communities first.

LoCos are hyperlocal groups with superior local knowledge about their localities. Developing the skills and interests of LoCos are in the heart of our outreach programs and training workshops.

Ready to help with ReDi

Through our outreach activities, training workshops, and mapping events, we develop the volunteers’ technical mapping skills, providing them the opportunities to update not only the maps of their neighbourhoods, but other areas of interest, as well. Just as easily, the same skills can be applied to areas outside of their hometown.

Contributors can form Remote Digitizing (ReDi) teams to respond to calls for mapping assistance for use in humanitarian aid and development, especially during disasters and critical events, to help on-the-ground responders help better. The concept of becoming digital humanitarians, and volunteering and offering their time and skills, are just as valuable as offering money or goods for aid.

Say Hello

Got questions, or ideas in mind? Send us a Telegram, an email mapamore AT ngnuity DOT xyz, or follow us on Twitter.